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Originally founded as a landscaping project to create habitat for hummingbirds, Dry Heat Gardens is a small gardening company providing plants and seeds for Southwest gardens. Everything is grown on our property and harvested by hand. To protect our hummingbirds and all of our backyard friends, we never use pesticides or herbicides of any kind.

Our home garden is located in Los Lunas, New Mexico. Every day begins with watering, weeding, pruning, seed collecting and product photography. Every seed and plant that we sell has proven itself to thrive in our hot and dry desert conditions. We never resell plants or seeds from 3rd party suppliers.

We carry flowering trees such as the Desert Willow and Bird of Paradise; both annual and perennial flowers such as Cosmos, Zinnias, Marigolds, Hollyhocks and Bearded Irises.

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Plants & seeds grown with love in our home garden.

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About Us

DeAnna Vincent

Head of Cultivation

I am DeAnna Vincent, professional photographer and lifetime gardener. In 2017, my husband Johnpaul and I purchased five acres of property in Los Lunas, New Mexico and I immediately set about creating a backyard sanctuary to attract hummingbirds. My project was very successful and not only did I create a wonderful habitat for hummingbirds but I also had a yard full of beautiful plants producing copious quantities of seeds. The abundance of seeds became the inspiration for starting a gardening company and Dry Heat Gardens was born!